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Fight Overwhelm and Stay Motivated!

I want to give you four steps to clarify your internal and external motivations so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed, defeated and confused about your business! 

With this workbook, you will: 

  1. Reset your compass and reconnect with makes you tick and WHY you started your own thing in the first place to overcome daily overwhelm.
  2. Connect your motivators to your daily actions, and understand how these keep you motivated to reach your goals.
  3. Create affirmations and a daily practice that will allow you to stay focused.
  4. Have fun connecting your motivations and your goals on your personal goal flywheel. This is a great tool to use as a daily reminder.

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Motivation is personal. You can't learn it, be given it, or copy it. It can only come from within yourself. We all have different things that drive us, that make us want to accomplish our goals. The key is learning how to harness those drivers even when we fail, aren't feeling well or we are battling those thoughts and emotions that can keep us down. 

This workbook will be your first step in helping you overcome those things and keep your momentum! 

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But don't take my word for it! The motivational and fighting overwhelm work we do in this workbook is the same work I walk by one-on-one coaching clients through! Here's what a few of them have to say! 

Hallie Shoffner, CEO, Shoffner Farm & Research

"Marketing is overwhelming, it includes so many things! How do you know if you are reaching the right people in the right place with the right information? As a business and brand coach, Laura provides a practical and eye-opening approach. When I went to her, I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but she showed me how to get true results. And I have! From market research to finding your audience and most importantly to creating a business strategy and your true brand in the process. That’s why I call her my brand therapist! On top of all this, she’s fun, easy to talk to and always professional."

Kiara Ford

"Laura Kirk Marketing is the real deal. Laura is personable, professional, sweet, and patient. She has helped me identify my business brand and walked me through practical steps beneficial to portraying it to my audience. With her marketing expertise, I have gained a boost in confidence moving forward as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for a brand marketing coach, look no farther!"

Penny Jester, M.ED.,Director Kidsource Therapy

"Laura was able to come in and help us set goals and prioritize our marketing efforts. By working with Laura, we were able to build a multi-channel marketing strategy that supports our values and will continue to support our families. I have confidently recommended her to several other business owners."

Mary Jane Eason

"3 things Laura made sure I had while working with her Clarity/Coaching/Marketing. However, Tenacity/Courage/Ability are the 3 things I have daily to keep me focused on completing tasks that Laura has helped me to integrate into my business. I highly recommend her if you need relatable, honest feedback, and NOT taking NO for an answer coaching STOP right here and connect with Laura!"

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I want to help you be confident everyday in your business so you can build a life that makes you crazy happy and so you can meet all your goals! If you are like me, you aren't just doing this for yourself, but for your family, their future and so you can take a damn vacation every once in a while! :)

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